Interview on flipped classroom with Eirik Gihle from NKH

This is an interview with Eirik Gihle, head of graphic-design studies at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies (NKH) in Oslo. NKH has a high focus on the use of flipped classroom, and has a strategical plan for working towards more educational technology in their teaching.

Flipped classroom is a hybrid model of teaching and instructing. As the name indicates, it is a contrary to the traditional way of lecturing. In a flipped classroom, the instructional content is given outside of the classroom in form of videos, online discussions or individual research at home. This provides flexibility for the students, and frees up the time in the classroom for tasks and group-work under the guidance of the teacher. This way its possible to work more in-depth on a subject, and it requires the student to be active in their own learning.

From the interview Eirik Gihle connects the flipped classroom to the philosopher John Dewey’s theory on experience and reflective thinking, which is a pragmatic approach to teaching and instructing. Dewey believed that the daily life and everyday-experiences is what human needs, and that we learn by experiences and our reflections on these experiences. In the video, Eirik points out that it is the student-the learner who is in focus, and by using flipped classroom, each student can adjust to their own pace of learning, and this way get a deeper understanding of the material. Even though he see flipped classroom as a good tool, it has to be adjusted to the situation and what is to be taught. Finally, he points out that young people and students today learn so much already from youtube- and other instructional videos, that it should be just right that the field of education keeps up on that.




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